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B.E / B.Tech / UG-Services

We can help to get your B.E / B.Tech projects done

Make a schedule

Call or email us and make a schedule, explain us your ideas and services required, accordingly our team with required domain expertise will mentor in all aspects and increase the confidence for conducting the project.

At Trishnaah, a dedicated team of experts in different domains are there to mentor online / offline with repeated discussions till the scholars are satisfied with their progress.

Topic selection

We at Trishnaah, help to choose a good research topic for your field of research by arranging online / offline meetings with the domain experts. Guidance will be provided for the Synopsis / Research proposal that includes Novelty, Objectives & Outcomes etc,. TRISHNAAH, CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH SOLUTIONS is the best project guidance consultants in Bangalore for B.E, B.Tech and UG students.

Domain experts meeting

Domain expertise implies knowledge and understanding of the essential aspects of a specific field of inquiry. We at TRISHNAAH, have a team of domain experts in different fields to help UG, PG and Ph.D. students to offer and convince with a wide range of ideas and their implementation according to their suitability.

Guidance for literature review & framing objectives

At Trishnaah, we help in guiding to carrying out literature review and identifying gaps in literature. The most difficult task under literature review is searching and getting review papers of recent years. The experts at Trishnaah help to review the literature and to frame objectives.

Data collection through surveys

Trishnaah has an extensive group of experts in major academic disciplines. Assistance will be provided in framing the questionnaire / google forms / survey formats and also in collecting the data from a huge sample size.

Experimental setup

We at Trishnaah arrange for experimental setup for conducting tests. Experimental setup forms a major role in collecting the data and many scholars may not have facilities to conduct experiments, we at Trishnaah facilitate the required experimental setup.

Data analysis and interpretation

Data analysis forms a major role in the project work. Various statistical procedures / mathematical models are adopted to analyze the data. We at Trishnaah, provide assistance for data analysis, predictive modelling and simulation analysis. From the data analysis interpretations are arrived at forms the backbone of research / project work.

Results and conclusions

Proper conclusions need to be formulated from the results. We at Trishnaah, help to formulate results and relevent conclusions with merit.

Report writing and proof reading

We at Trishnaah, assist in report writing and proof reading, the concluding part of the project / research.


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