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Choosing Your Ph.D. Topic

We help to choose a good Research topic for your field of research by arranging online / offline meetings with the domain experts You get guidance for the synopsis or proposal document that includes Novelty, Objectives & Outcomes,etc.

Implementing Your ideas

At Trishnaah we help you implement your ideas With regular brain storming sessions with our expert Ph.D. Scholars from the same field. Each brain storming session will be unique and creative in order to get the best out of you.

Writing Your Proposal document

Your ideas are then converted in to a proposal Document. The research proposal should define the objective of the proposed study, as well as the methods and research design to achieve the objectives framed. We will be right with you helping to write your Proposal Document.

Carrying out literature review

At Trishnaah we help you guiding in carrying out literature review and identifying the gaps in literature. The most difficult task under literature review is searching and procuring relevant review papers. The Expert Ph.D. guides at Trishnaah prepare you in reviewing Your Literature.

Writing Your research paper

Trishnaah has an extensive group of expert writers, with specialists in major academic disciplines, so that one can be certain of the guide we assign to you will have the experience and academic capabilities on your subject area assuring you of noteworthy standard of work.

Experimental setup and conducting tests

We at Trishnaah arrange for experimental setup for conducting tests. Experimental setup forms a major role in collecting the data and many scholars may not have facilities to conduct experiments, we at Trishnaah facilitate the required experimental setup including hardware and software.

Data analysis, interpretation and report making

Data analysis forms a major role in the project work. Various statistical procedures / mathematical models are adopted to analyze the data. We at Trishnaah, provide assistance for data analysis, predictive modelling and simulation analysis. From the data analysis interpretations are arrived at forms the backbone of research / project work.

Creating Graphical and Visual presentation

Periodic presentations have to be given to different forums at different stages and is the most important stage in completing Your Ph.D., we at Trishna Help You in creating graphical and visual presentation using the most sophisticated software tools available and make your presentation attractive and interactive.

Publishing your paper in scopus journals

Publications in scopus journals is mandatory to submit the research work. Each journal has its own format. The language used should be of high standard. Publishing paper as per the rules outlined by the target journal is the most difficult part of the research. Don’t Worry! at Trishnaah, we assist you in writing paper for publication, revision, grammar errors, plagiarism check etc.

Secure and Confidential

Count on us! Scholars at Trishnaah keeps all your information secure and confidential through out the entire process. Each and every information what you disclose with us will be with in us, we never disclose to anyone. As we Know that The Data Security and Confidentiality is most important for you to complete your Ph.D. We assure you on keeping your entire data secrect.


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